Dark Hydrating Wash

Philip Martins
Hydrating Creme Wash
The organic chestnut extract, aloe, olive oil and vegetable charcoal form the mix contained in this creamy shampoo. Its formulation gently cleanses the skin, helping to improve hydration while respecting the natural skin pH. Indicated to treat skin anomalies such as dryness and irritation thanks to its formulation rich in natural substances, Dark Hydrating Washcan also be used to cleanse and moisturise the beard. Size 75ml


Once hair is wet, apply a small amount of product on the scalp using a brush or the palm of the hand and gently massage it. Leave it to rest for 3 minutes and rinse
thoroughly. If necessary proceed with a second shampoo.
Vegetable Charcoal •Detoxifying
Organic Olive Oil •Moisturising
Organic Chestnut Extract•Repairing
Organic Aloe Vera•Soothing

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