Everyday Hand Serum

Let your hands enjoy this luxurious treatment. A fantastically scented hand serum that absorbs into your skin softly like velvet.
Enjoy the delicate perfume with fine amber tones, which will accompany your nose long after your hand care.
Use a small amount on hands, nails and cuticles and massage the serum in until completely absorbed.
Active ingredients:
  • Organic Yarrow Extract, moisturizing
  • Organic Marigold Extract, calming
  • Wood Violet Extract, soothing
This is the practical 75 ml hand size, super handy in the handbag or in the car.
Also exists in the 500 ml version that looks great on your bathroom shelf, next to the kitchen tap or in the smallest room, so that your roommates or guests can enjoy this extra pampering!

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