Re/Start Hydration Scalp Moisturising Lotion


This lightweight dual action scalp moisturizer helps to balance and protect the scalp’s microbiome while moisturizing it. Infused with a hyalucomplex, a combination of hyaluronic complex with panthenol, the moisturizing scalp treatment helps to balance scalp pH, soothe and provide comfort.

Who is it for?
Clients who want to have a complete hydration routine. Also for clients with very dry scalp.

Why you should have it at home?
The hyaluronic moisturizer for dry scalps helps to balance, soothe and protect. 9 out of 10 consumers agreed*: scalp feels hydrated, reduced scalp itchiness due to dryness and soothed feeling of scalp discomfort.
*After twelve uses. In-Use Test under dermatological control and self-perception questionnaire with 33 subjects.

Key benefits
The definitive dual action leave-in scalp moisturizing lotion that helps to balance and protect the scalp microbiome while moisturizing it. A new action to include in your clients’ daily haircare routine to create the perfect environment for hair to thrive.

  • - The scalp moisturizing lotion keeps the scalps microbiome balanced
  • - Reduces scalp's dryness
  • - Helps to balance the scalp microbiome
  • - Helps to soothe and provides scalp comfort
  • - Neutralizes unpleasant scalp odors
  • - Formulated without silicones
  • - Lightweight formula

Apply the leave-in scalp moisturising lotion to the scalp while hair is wet.
Massage gently.
Do not rinse.

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